Energy Tips

Energy Tips

See How the Little Changes Add Up

At you can investigate energy savings concepts by taking the Virtual Home Tour, watching energy efficiency-themed videos on the Touchstone Energy Web TV portal, and use interactive applications to explore in detail the actions you can take and the money you’ll save.




Touchstone Energy - Kids Energy Zone

Touchstone Energy Kids Zone teaches kids about energy savings, renewable energy, and energy safety.

Electricity provides the energy we need to power our businesses, farms and homes. It is safe, economical and reliable. The value electricity provides is beyond measure. It increases productivity, efficency and comfort.  Visit




Our Energy, Our Future: A Dialogue with AmericaOur Energy, Our Future:  A Dialogue With America

Swisher Electric Cooperative is dedicated to providing you with safe, affordable, and reliable electric power in an environmentally sound fashion.  But with growing demand for electricity and pressure mounting in Congress to address climate change, it’s time for us to get involved and ask our elected officials some tough questions.

To develop the technology needed to keep the lights on and rates affordable, the federal government must exercise committed leadership and provide funding on the scale of the Apollo moon program or Manhattan atomic bomb project.  Without it, and without a sound, responsible, sustainable energy policy, we risk returning to a time when electric service was a privilege enjoyed only by the wealthy.  As an electric cooperative member you can help prevent that from happening.

Electric cooperatives across the country have launched a grassroots campaign called “Our Energy, Our Future:  A Dialogue with America”  to begin a dialogue by asking our lawmakers critical questions.  Please visit to contact your elected officials and make your voice heard.