Notice of Life Sustaining Equipment

Notice of Life Sustaining Equipment

If you, a family member, a tenant, or anyone in your home is dependent upon electrically-powered medical equipment to sustain life, please notify Swisher Electric Cooperative.

When you notify us, we will note the information on your account and make restoring power to your home a priority in the event of an outage. If your situation changes and the equipment is no longer needed, please notify Swisher Electric as soon as possible so that we may keep your account file current.

It is important to note that during severe weather, widespread outages may occur and despite our best efforts, power could be out for extended periods. You are strongly encouraged to have a backup plan to move to locations with power or you may wish to purchase a portable electric generator for emergency use.

Portable generators connected to household wiring must be installed with a manual transfer switch, which safely takes you off our power supply and engages your generator. The switch protects our linemen as they work to restore power, and prevents costly damage to your generator once power is restored.

Life Support Critical Care Application

Notify Swisher Electric Cooperative of Life-sustaining equipment now!