Swisher Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a member-owned, non-profit electric cooperative that strives to provide members the highest reliability of service. Incorporated in 1939, with 189 members in the area, as of October 1, 2013, SEC now serves over 1,600 members in Swisher, Hale, Briscoe, Castro, Randall, and Armstrong counties.

The Cooperative maintains 3,652 miles of overhead, underground, and transmission lines averaging 2.22 meters per mile of line for a total of over 8,100 meters.

Swisher Electric Cooperative, Inc. purchases its power from Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, a generation and transmission supplier organized in 1984 to provide electric distribution cooperatives, like SEC, with reliable electric service.

The principles on which SEC were founded—providing efficient and economical electric service and dedication to our members—are just as strong today as the day we opened the doors in 1939. We have 38 dedicated employees ready to serve our members and maintain reliable service.

We strive to provide a very personal touch to each member whether in person or by phone. Even though we presently maintain a high level of customer service and customer relations, our doors are always open for your constructive suggestions for further improvements in the operations of our organization.

Willie Wiredhand, a symbol of rural electric cooperatives, so named because the “wired hand” quietly revolutionized farm life is still incorporated on Swisher Electric’s logo, the doors of our trucks, and even on the uniform shirts worn by our lineman.

He helps remind us every day where we came from and what our mission is – to supply the present and future electrical service needs of Swisher Electric consumers in an efficient and economical manner; and to have a sound financial base in order to provide the highest reliability of service.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Swisher Electric Cooperative is comprised of seven members who establish the policies and direct the business affairs of the Cooperative.

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Annual Meeting

Attend the annual meeting in March to make your voice heard.