New Billing Changes Coming Soon!

With the electric bills mailed out by Swisher Electric on January 3, 2020, an insert was added to notify our members of a kVA minimum billing change coming soon.

Why is this change being implemented?
Swisher Electric Rate Tariff effective January 1, 2017 contains a kVA minimum charge applicable to our General Service and Small Commercial rate classes; however, it was recently discovered that our billing software was not applying this minimum charge correctly. This change will ensure that all accounts are billed correctly and in accordance with our tariff.

Who will be impacted by this change?
Again, General Service and Small Commercial are the only rate classes impacted; some member accounts will see this new charge, some will not. The tariffs state that “The minimum monthly bill shall be the Customer Charge where 10 kVA or less of transformer capacity is required for single-phase service and where 15 kVA or less transformer capacity is required for three-phase service, plus $1.50 per kVA for each additional kVA of transformer capacity required, irrespective of the amount of electricity consumed, even if none is consumed”
This change will only impact single-phase services with greater than 10 kVA transformer capacity and three-phase services with greater than 15 kVA transformer capacity installed.

What impact will I see if it affects my service?
An example of the impact to a single-phase general service account with a 15 kVA transformer installed will be an additional $7.50 kVA minimum charge per month, (5 x $1.50 = $7.50). Single phase service with a 10 kVA transformer installed will see no change to their bill.

When will this change take place?
This minimum billing change will begin April 1, 2020, appearing on bills mailed out May 4, 2020.

If you have questions related to this change or want to find out if you will be impacted by this change, please call our office at 806-995-3567 or toll free at 800-530-4344.

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